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What is Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame?

What is Extruded Aluminum Window Screen and Door Screen Frame?

Extruded aluminum screen frame is created by pushing heated aluminum through a shaped opening in a die machine, then this aluminum is hardened. This material is less likely to bend than roll form frame, creating a stronger frame suitable for larger openings such as porch screens.

To assist you in understanding the extrusion process think about a Play Doh Fun Factory and how it works. Think of the Fun Factory as the extrusion press, the handle as the ram, the shape bar as the die, and the Play Doh as the aluminum billet. The first step is to choose the desired shape and color. Think of the shape as the die which will be used and the color as the temper and alloy needed. Next, the Play Doh is inserted into the holding chamber and pressure is applied to the handle, which forces Play Doh through the shape. In an extrusion press, pressure is applied to the billet by the ram where the dummy block is attached to the end of the ram stem. When Play Doh begins to emerge, it has effectively been "extruded". The same principles apply to extrusions from aluminum billets but considerably more detailed and sophisticated technology are involved.

If your needs are for a better, stronger screen frame, our extruded selections are the way to go. Our sliding screen doors are made of extruded aluminum, and the porch project selections are extruded aluminum porch screen frame.

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