Extruded Screen Frame - Reverse Flange

Extruded Screen Frame - Reverse Flange

This option is a heavy-duty solution for large, durable and removable screen panels. Our commercial grade porch screen frame is an extruded (much stronger than rolled) aluminum frame with a flange for easy mounting with screws. It is ideal for large openings such as porches, gazebos, and commercial applications.

Extruded Aluminum Porch Screen Frame

* Strong enough not to bow.
* Screen panels can be easily removed for cleaning and storage.
* Length = 94"
* 1-3/8" x 5/16"
* 3/8" Flange
* Package of 6
* Use .250 spline for regular fiberglass screen mesh
* Use .230 spline for heavier mesh such as aluminum and sun control screening

As a dependable provider of replacement sliding screen doors, including heavy duty sliding screen door selections, you can feel confident that you will be pleased with our screen frames when you are seeking new custom sliding screen door selections.

Our Price: $119.00
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