Coastal Sliding Screen Door kit

Coastal Sliding Screen Door kit

Enjoy the Sun, view, and the beautiful breeze with these coastal sliding screen doors

Living along the coastal areas sure is nice, the views are spectacular but the environment is extremely harsh on ordinary steel products, such as steel sliding screen doors, steel rollers.

Our Coastal sliding screen doors KITS are constructed from strong extruded aluminum, STAINLESS STEEL WHEEL ASSEMBLIES and plastic handles designed to last under the toughest sun conditions. These doors are for areas where the even the heavy duty sliding screen doors won't hold up.

We are now proud to offer you a cost effective, heavy-duty aluminum sliding screen door replacement in widths ranging from 22-64 inches and heights ranging from 72-96 inches. Now you can have your patio screen door built to size within the above width and height ranges.

Measuring For Your Replacement Sliding Screen Door

This screen door measuring guide is available to assist you in sizing your replacement sliding patio screen door. Please verify all measurements before submitting.

The measuring guide is intended to assist you with a good fit of your patio screen door, but all final measurements will be your responsibility. We are unable to accept returns or issue refunds on custom cut doors. Measure twice!

Installed heavy duty sliding screen door. Strong extruded aluminum patio screen door.
HD Sliding screen door frame profile. HD Sliding screen door colors.

NOTE: These Sliding Coastal Patio Screen Doors are intended to be replacements for damaged or missing units. They do not include the track or framing that the doors slide in. If your current patio screen door is a "hanging" door (one where the wheels are located inside an upper track and the door hangs down on lower guides), our replacement doors will not work in these situations without modifications. We recommend that you contact the original manufacturer for a replacement door, or if possible install new top and base tracks and then install one of our replacement screen doors.

Here's what's included with our easy to assemble sliding screen doors:

  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame
  • Strong, thick, internal miter corners
  • 4 pre-installed, adjustable stainless steel wheel assemblies
  • Full length vinyl bug strip
  • Locking handle assembly
  • Fiberglass insect screening
  • Vinyl serrated screen spline
  • Spline installation tool

This sliding coastal door screen is cut to the sizes you specify. All hardware is installed, including the handle and rollers. The fiberglass screen wire is included. You simply assemble the door by using the provided corner inserts and then roll in the screen mesh. Instructions and spline tool are included.


* Your new sliding door screens are shipped via Carrier Ground Service. The delivery price is direct from the shipper and is based on your zipcode.
* As the carriers have designated your package as oversize (length), shipping charges are slightly higher than a compact package of similar weight.
* Sliding Screen Door Kits are available within the USA only.

* Please allow up to 14 business days before shipment.

Our Price: $239.00
Item Options

Door Height (inches)*

Fractional Door Height*

Door Width (inches)*

Fractional Door Width*

Door Frame Color Selection*

Super Screen Upgrade

Optional: The regular fiberglass screening included with the kit will be substituted with this strong polyester threaded Super Screen

* Color = Black for best outward visibility.
* Only available for door widths up to 60 inches.



Reviews and Ratings

Coastal Sliding Screen Door Kit

By: Rick on 12/18/2016 08:32:10 PM

This is a good quality product and fairly easy to assemble. (Inserting screens is never a cake walk.) I would have given it 5 stars across the board except for the bug flap. The bug flap is really useless unless everything is perfectly straight with the patio door housing. This is rarely the case. The old screen door had a T-channel that housed a soft bug strip. That would be a much better, higher quality solution than the bug flap included with this door.

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