Pet Resistant Screening

 Pet Resistant Screening
Tough Polyester Pet Resistant Screening

With Pet Screen those days of replacing window screens, sliding screen door screens due to your pets or kids is a thing of the past!

We have a pet resistant screen fabric for you that is really incredible. It is made from strong, multi-strand polyester cord.

Seven times stronger than regular insect screening, this vinyl coated, polyester pet resistant screening also called Pet Proof Screen, is an excellent alternative that is engineered to be pet resistant.

* Highly resistant to damage from dogs and cats
* This super strong vinyl coated polyster mesh features .025" diameter yarn in a 17x11 weave.
* Excellent outward visibility


Because Pet Screen is thicker than regular screen fabric, it is more difficult to roll into the frame's spline grooves. Most likely the spline size that you remove from the door will be too large to reuse with Pet Screen. You will probably have to go down one or two sizes to roll the new Pet Screen in place.

Strong Phifer PetScreen
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