Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door

Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door

Check out these strong extruded sliding screen doors, custom cut to your exact measurements!

This strong sliding screen door KIT is constructed of sturdy, durable, heavy-duty extruded aluminum, with corrosion resistant adjustable steel rollers that are excellent for wet, salty conditions. These doors work well in high traffic residential or commercial environments. These doors also fit most RV's. All sliding screen doors are shipped unassembled and made in USA

Installed heavy duty sliding screen door. Strong extruded aluminum patio screen door.
HD Sliding screen door frame profile. HD Sliding screen door colors.

Measuring For Your Replacement Sliding Screen Door

This screen door measuring guide is available to assist you in sizing your replacement sliding patio screen door. Please verify all measurements before submitting.

Here's what's included with our easy to assemble sliding screen doors:

  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame
  • Strong, thick, internal miter corners
  • 4 pre-installed, adjustable steel wheel assemblies
  • Full length vinyl bug strip
  • Locking handle assembly
  • Fiberglass insect screening
  • Vinyl serrated screen spline
  • Spline installation tool


* Please allow up to 14 business days before shipment.

Our Price: $210.00
Item Options

Door Height (inches)*

Fractional Door Height*

Door Width (inches)*

Fractional Door Width*

Door Frame Color Selection*

Super Screen Upgrade

Optional: The regular fiberglass screening included with the kit will be substituted with this strong polyester threaded Super Screen

* Color = Black for best outward visibility.
* Only available for door widths up to 60 inches.



Reviews and Ratings

Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door

By: Tom M on 05/05/2014 10:17:07 PM

So glad I found this company! I needed a fractional/odd measurement replacement door of decent quality, got EXACTLY what I was looking for! Great design and construction quality, easy assembly, fits perfectly and looks and works slick. Gave this info. to my local hardware store repair dept. for them to send customers. Thanks folks!

Sliding Screen Door

By: HT on 05/05/2014 08:55:58 AM

Sturdy materials, easy to assemble and install. Fits properly and slides smoothly. Custom fit seems much better than the "adjustable" doors you can find at the home improvement stores.

Sliding Screen Door

By: JD on 12/10/2010 10:04:27 AM

Easy assembly - fits perfectly.

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